Pro Pictures

This is my best friend mess with her you mess with me you mess with me you mess with her you mess with us you better pray and run.

We were at Brook’s  grandparent’s house and went over to an old school and took picture’s.


New Orleans

cropped-img_1580.jpgOn the top picture this is my older sister Adi (the older one obviously) and my younger cousin Quincey (the little one) at my aunt Sophie and uncle Cacey’s house in New Orleans ( Quincey is their daughter).IMG_1584This is  Quincey again but this time with one of  their dogs I can’t remember it’s name but most of the time we were at their house  she was cuddling with it.  And if your wondering who’s leg is at the bottom it is Adi’s.

New Orleans

IMG_1460My mom’s side of the family took a trip to New Orleans over winter break to visit my family. It was really rainy (everything you would imagine for vacation weather ) anyways we were at my grandma’s apartment and let me tell you it was so high up it’s scary! Well Zahzi my sister pointed out this huge building it was so tall we couldn’t see the top of it and I thought it would be a nice picture and so here it is!