Mabel Monday is a wonderful 3 (Now 11)  year old girl. Very bright and creative. I am certainly biased because I am her Dad, but she is considered great by many who are not me. Now that Mabel has her own blog I am posting things that she makes for me, things we make together, and the more exceptional art that she produces. By exceptional I only mean works that show progress beyond previous works and significant steps forward in compositional understanding. I will never force her to produce art when she doesn’t want to and if she chooses that it is something that isn’t for her at all someday, this website will end. Of course I hope that she loves making art and one day asks to take this website over, but these are her choices to make and hers alone. Until then enjoy watching her artistic abilities develop as the years go on.

Lil Mabes, painted by Meagan Alwood-Karcic.

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