Mabel writes her own name!!!

Mabel was drawing this morning with a little pencil and was mostly just scribbling. When she made the zig-zaggy line in the upper left she noticed an “M” within it. then she drew a line through the next peak to make an “A”. Since these are the first two letters of her name I asked if she could make a “B”. So she drew the “B”. Then I asked for an”E” and she made that too! Finally an “L” and she made it with ease. The backing lines on the “B” and “E” are obviously longer than they should be, but this is the first time that Mabel has drawn the letters of her name consecutively without me drawing each letter first! WOO!!!


Today Mabel and I went to a friend’s house to try and remove some snakes from the basement, but they had all gone. Mabel was excited to see the snakes so after we left they’re houseĀ  having seen no snakes, she decided to draw some. The pink markings are one of the snakes, the little orange squiggle in the bottom left region is a baby snake. the orange spirals are their homes and the vertical orange lines are the snakes moving into their homes.


Mabel drew this for our awesome mechanic Chip. She is quite fond of him and asks about him pretty regularly. Whenever someone mentions their car being messed up she often asks if their car is at Chip’s. Mabel’s Mom’s mechanic is named Skip, and she likes to bring up Chip and Skip whenever she thinks to…. We’re going to see Chip today and Mabel will give him this drawing. Chip seems to like Mabel too.

Sharptooth and T-rex

Mabel drew this with the aid of a photo of a model of a T-rex. She drew the big eye first then the head around it. Then the teeth, the body, and an accidental tail that she later extended upward (on the right side of the drawing) The line floating out to the left was originally an arm, but then she drew two little short ones in a more appropriate spot.Then the little legs at the bottom came next. She made two at first but then added the others in two quick slashes. Finally, “Oh it needs another eye!” she added, and then added the other eye.

“You, Me, Grammy, and Nolan” and “Tree”

While waiting for food at the cornerstone cafe, My mom, Nolan, Mabel and I passed these two drawings around.

The top drawing, “You, Me, Grammy, and Nolan was started by Mabel, passed to me, then to my Mom, then to Nolan, and one more time to Mabel.

The next drawing, “Tree” was started by Mabel, then Nolan, then Grammy, then me. My Mom drew the face which Mabel asked if it was a monster. I said, “Only if you want it to be.”

She responded, “I don’t want it to.”

“What do you want it to be?” I asked.

“A tree,” she said…So a tree it is.

Library Activity!

At the Library on Wednesdays there is always an activity. Mabel usually participates. This is the first one I’ve posted. I helped her with the placement of the snowman balls and the scarf, but everything else was done by her. She made this last week while the computer was down so I am just now getting around to posting it. I thought everyone might enjoy this snowman since there has been very little chance to create real ones this winter.

“You and Big Eye”

Mabel drew these today while she was sick. When she started drawing the to drawing I asked her what she was drawing. She said “You” and the added, “and Big Eye.” As she drew the first large circle around.

The next two drawings are called “You and Me”

“You and Me and my friends” (Plus two drawings by two of mabel’s friends)

The top drawing is Mabel’s which she titled, “You and Me and my friends”. When she started drawing it she said it was an R. (R is our letter of the week.) But when she noticed it looked like a Q she said it was a Q. (Which was our letter two weeks ago.) The Q was when it was just an upside-down purple Q. Then she added all the rest. She titled it “You and Me” then I reminded her that it was originally an R, then a Q and she changed the title to what it is now……also I see a little face in the middle. Pretty cool.

The middle drawing is by one of Mabel’s friends, Shivani. We knew her from Athens and her mom Timi. I showed Shivani a comic of Mabel and I and her face lit up and she said, “I’m going to draw a comic of you and Mabel.” First she drew us on the beach and next she drew us playing in the ocean. This is the one displayed in the middle above. The figure on the left is me and on the right is Mabel. She’s 4 years old! (Some of what you see on this image is bleeding through from the other side of the page.)

The third drawing is by Helena who we just met today. She goes to school with Shivani so I assume she is around the same age. First she drew the dots in the corners, then the dot in the center, then the lines. She displayed very impressive pen control with careful and deliberate symmetry.

“Soup and Sushi and Me and You”

Mabel chose sushi as our lunch today! What a great surprise. We went to Haiku in the Short North to eat some. While we were waiting Mabel drew a picture of us with sushi, soup and salad. The condensed scribbles on the right is the sushi. The spiral is the salad, the group of scribbles to it’s left is soup, and the dark line coming out of and going back into those scribbles is the other soup. Her and I are randomly scattered throughout the page multiple times.

Three collaborations between three people

These three drawings were made by Mabel Monday, Nolan Klock, and Chris Monday.

The top one was started by Nolan and is titled (by Nolan) “Seaside strip for the pointallist alien”

The second was started by me and is titled (by me) “Window in space-view of the great pink city-outskirts”

The third was started by Mabel and is titled (by her) “You and me and Nolan”