Mabel’s Fables presents: Goldilocks and the Three Bears


Mabel writes her own name!!!

Mabel was drawing this morning with a little pencil and was mostly just scribbling. When she made the zig-zaggy line in the upper left she noticed an “M” within it. then she drew a line through the next peak to make an “A”. Since these are the first two letters of her name I asked if she could make a “B”. So she drew the “B”. Then I asked for an”E” and she made that too! Finally an “L” and she made it with ease. The backing lines on the “B” and “E” are obviously longer than they should be, but this is the first time that Mabel has drawn the letters of her name consecutively without me drawing each letter first! WOO!!!


Today Mabel and I went to a friend’s house to try and remove some snakes from the basement, but they had all gone. Mabel was excited to see the snakes so after we left they’re houseĀ  having seen no snakes, she decided to draw some. The pink markings are one of the snakes, the little orange squiggle in the bottom left region is a baby snake. the orange spirals are their homes and the vertical orange lines are the snakes moving into their homes.


Mabel drew this for our awesome mechanic Chip. She is quite fond of him and asks about him pretty regularly. Whenever someone mentions their car being messed up she often asks if their car is at Chip’s. Mabel’s Mom’s mechanic is named Skip, and she likes to bring up Chip and Skip whenever she thinks to…. We’re going to see Chip today and Mabel will give him this drawing. Chip seems to like Mabel too.