Mabel wanted to draw right away on Sunday when she got here. This is what she drew. It is me. What you don’t see is the glue stick on it and all of the areas she cut with scissors. She loves using scissors. Still to come this week: Collaborations of Mabel, Nolan, and I!

3 “You and Me” drawings from 1.2.12

I try a little to encourage Mabel to draw things other than me and herself. She just likes to I guess.

The top image was actually Mabel just going through different pens to see what they looked like and just called it “You and Me”

In the second she is the pink. The dots are the eyes and the lines the legs. The purple scribble is me.

The third “You and Me” has me on the left. When she said she wanted to draw us I tried to give her step by step directions and I started with me. Though the large spiral is awesomely head-shaped, it is actually my right eye. The darkened in part is my nose and the spiral underneath is the other eye. Mabel grew tired of the instructions, scribbled herself quickly and ran off to play.



            This is a drawing of Rapunzel that Mabel made today… She said, “I’m going to draw Rapunzel’s little eye.” She proceeded to draw a giant spiral. Then she asked me to draw the next part of the eye so I drew the iris. Next I asked her what color the middle of an eye was… She looked in my eye and guessed, “Blue?”                            “No,” I said, “Not blue.” She had one more guess (I forget the color) and then saw that it was black, and said with confidence, “Black.” I gave her a black marker and she filled it in. I asked “What about the nose?” and she drew the little nose spiral. Then she drew the mouth without instruction. After that I gave her the yellow highlighter and suggested using it for the hair and she chose the placement for that.

She titled this piece appropriately… “Rapunzel”.


You and Me

            Mabel drew a picture of me today and I made suggestions as she went along. She drew the large spiral first which was my head. There was already one dot where an eye would be then she added the left eye. I asked about the nose and she drew the nose, Then she drew the legs of her own accord. I asked about the ears and she drew the ears. I asked if she wanted blue to draw my glasses. She said yes. I gave her a brown marker and asked if she wanted to use it for the hair, and she did. And although it is a drawing of me, she titled it “You and Me”.

“Daddy and Mabel”

            This one, like the title says, is actually a drawing of us. The two spirals top/left are Mabel’s eyes and the dark colored in line between them is her nose. the line coming out of what would be Mabel’s left eye is an arm. The other two spirals are my eyes, the line between them is my nose, and the very short line between my nose and my left eye is my mouth.

The Grinch and Cindy Lou Who

After seeing a Chuck Jones exhibit Mabel was interested in drawing the Grinch (The upper left figure) which she narrated as she drew. “I’ll draw the eye first.” she said as she made the eye on the left that resembles a lower case b. “What about the second eye” I asked. She responded by drawing the other eye that one might mistake for a nose. I suggested drawing the neck next which is located just below the eyes. She proceeded to draw the arm which is the filled in limb coming out of the Grinch’s left cheek. Some of the lines coming out from the bottom were drawn earlier than the Grinch and the rest are feet. The right side image is as Mabel calls her… “The little girl” She means Cindy Lou Who. This was one of Mabel’s most deliberate drawings yet!

“Image” (The first post on Mabel’s very own website)

This is an image that Mabel drew with the purpose of cutting it up with scissors. I chose this drawing to be Mabel’s first post because of the deliberate lines that she drew down the page. It’s not the first time she’s drawn something like this, but she does still usually scribble her drawings. Mabel also titled this image. And as for the future of this page, I will choose drawings that stand out above others and also anything that Mabel wants to put up here. This blog will go on as long as Mabel enjoys it. Perhaps she will take it over someday or perhaps it will suddenly end.

-Mabel’s Dad