“You and Me and my friends” (Plus two drawings by two of mabel’s friends)

The top drawing is Mabel’s which she titled, “You and Me and my friends”. When she started drawing it she said it was an R. (R is our letter of the week.) But when she noticed it looked like a Q she said it was a Q. (Which was our letter two weeks ago.) The Q was when it was just an upside-down purple Q. Then she added all the rest. She titled it “You and Me” then I reminded her that it was originally an R, then a Q and she changed the title to what it is now……also I see a little face in the middle. Pretty cool.

The middle drawing is by one of Mabel’s friends, Shivani. We knew her from Athens and her mom Timi. I showed Shivani a comic of Mabel and I and her face lit up and she said, “I’m going to draw a comic of you and Mabel.” First she drew us on the beach and next she drew us playing in the ocean. This is the one displayed in the middle above. The figure on the left is me and on the right is Mabel. She’s 4 years old! (Some of what you see on this image is bleeding through from the other side of the page.)

The third drawing is by Helena who we just met today. She goes to school with Shivani so I assume she is around the same age. First she drew the dots in the corners, then the dot in the center, then the lines. She displayed very impressive pen control with careful and deliberate symmetry.

“Image” (The first post on Mabel’s very own website)

This is an image that Mabel drew with the purpose of cutting it up with scissors. I chose this drawing to be Mabel’s first post because of the deliberate lines that she drew down the page. It’s not the first time she’s drawn something like this, but she does still usually scribble her drawings. Mabel also titled this image. And as for the future of this page, I will choose drawings that stand out above others and also anything that Mabel wants to put up here. This blog will go on as long as Mabel enjoys it. Perhaps she will take it over someday or perhaps it will suddenly end.

-Mabel’s Dad